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Cloudy Day

Book a Boat Fishing Trip!

Our boat fishing trips are 9am to 6pm

All our boats have toilets

Ice, 1.5kg of live prawns (bait), and mineral water are provided.

In the event of bad weather, strong winds, choppy seas

your fishing trip might be postponed or cut short.

Your lives are more important than fish, even though fishing is life.

Please Bring:

  • Your Lunch

We do not advise you to eat the fish you catch raw. 

  • Seasick Medication

Our handsome captains may make you swoon.

  • Sun Protection

Please. It's not fun to be sunburnt. Apply generously and reapply your sunscreen, bring a hat, sunglasses.

  • Fishing Equipment

Rental of fishing equipment is available at an additional charge and need to be reserved.


Please bring your own if you have. 

  • Raincoat/Extra Clothes

If it rains, it's more comfortable to go home dry.

Shower facilities are available at the Marina.

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